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Most law firms with sophisticated trial practices represent the insurance industry. As a result, clients who are accustomed to hiring the best, most able trial counsel are often underserved when they find themselves adverse to their insurers.  Koning Rubarts is the solution to this problem.  We honed our craft handling complex business litigation and are proud to represent insurance policyholders in disputes with their insurers.

We also counsel and educate our clients with respect to the insurance policies they have purchased to protect their businesses, professions, families, and other assets.  Unlike most corporate assets, liability and property insurance policies are renewed and change every year. Many of these policies, though presented as “form” policies, are anything but standard.  There are subtle differences in the language used in key provisions that dramatically can affect the coverage afforded.  Thus, a business that adequately was protected one year could unknowingly be unprotected the next.  Retaining Koning Rubarts to work with your broker and review the proposed policies is the solution to this problem.